The barbell squat has become a staple of most weight training programs in sport. It is an extremely popular exercise, yet it is not without its limitations. The nature of our human structure and the associated mechanics of the barbell squat exercise require postural modifications. Coaches and athletes adjust squat depth, stance, bar height, posture, weight, repetitions and more in order to target the appropriate area of the anatomy. There are also many sophisticated technique progressions, as well as periodization methodology to augment results.

The Pendulum Squat Pro addresses the associated issues of using a barbell. It has been designed to perform the exercise allowing for a muscle's maximum force-generating ability at each angle during a movement. The patented floating yoke and unique machine leverage system eliminates almost all the need for coaching form and adjusting one's technique relative to their body type.  

Resistance training attenuates skeletal muscle function deficits.  Contractions against an external load increase strength, power, hypertrophy, and/or endurance. The strength training objects used have much to do with which muscles contract and when. The Power Squat Pro is the ultimate resistance tool to address all the associated musculature and improve the motion of squatting.

Pendulum Power Squat Pro

Get Strong at Squatting with the Pendulum Power Squat Pro