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One Great Clinic So Get Ready

The 4th Annual Michigan State University Strength & Conditioning Clinic Feb 11th & 12th                   


kim1If you want to have fun and have a great learning experience, you must attend the Michigan State Spartan Strength & Conditioning Clinic in East Lansing, Michigan.


Speakers include:

* Ken Mannie – Truly one of the great Strength and Conditioning Coaches in America. He runs his ‘Bottom Line Program.’


* Kim Wood – Former Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Paul Brown’s Strength Coach, from Arthur Jones to Super Bowls, to developing Hall of Famers like Anthony Munoz and Tim Krumrie….. The most knowledgeable man in the Strength and Conditioning field, bar none. You don’t want to miss Kim.

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One of Kim’s rooms in his home in the Cincinnati area

*Dr. Ken Leistner – A Legend in The Iron Game

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*Bob Rogucki – 36 years of coaching, 20 of those years coaching in the NFL. He is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Baltimore Ravens. He coaches former Spartans Brandon McKinney and Derrick Mason.


And Others… So Look Out!

You Don’t Want To Miss This

Get Strong.



Arkansas Baseball Weight Room
arkansas weight room
arkansas weight room
arkansas weight room
arkansas weight room
arkansas weight room
2-for-2 Method

Some trainers, coaches and athletes use what is called the 2-for-2 Method for increasing training load. The rule is if the trainee can perform two or more repetitions over one’s ‘repetition goal’ in the last set of an exercise, for two consecutive workouts, the weight is added for that particular exercise the next training session.

Bench Rep
St. Thomas Aquinas Weight Room Installation

Rack bridge bars at St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Custom logo head wrap on the utility bench at St. Thomas Aquinas High School