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One Is More

The largest muscle of the anterior chest is the pectoralis major. When training, its development is most affected by changing the inclination of the movement. The lower, middle and upper portions, as well as, the anterior deltoid are all active at 0 degrees and most often enhanced using a horizontal bench press type exercise. Raising the pressing movement 30 degrees targets the muscles of the upper portion of the pec’ major. Once above a 45 degree incline, the anterior deltoid becomes more involved, decreasing the activity of the pectoralis muscle making the deltoid more inclusive in flexing the shoulder.

The Pendulum Shoulder/Incline is an absolutely unique exercise machine in the fitness industry. The seat and handles can be adjusted to whatever angle is needed to maximize anterior chest development.

A flat back bench press can be mimicked even though you are sitting in an upright position. With a  quick adjustment the machine becomes an incline or overhead press at almost any angle selected by the trainee.

One machine becomes many – a great way to Get Strong.

Pendulum Shoulder Incline
Training the Chest

Pendulum Shoulder Incline
An Incline Bench Press

Pendulum Shoulder Incline
Targeting the Deltoid



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