What if Pendulum made a pulldown machine that had any handle that you liked?

What if the handles were interchangeable and could be stored in the machine?

What if you could design your own handle?


Monday you could do Pendulum wide grip pulldowns.

Wednesday you could do Pendulum straight bar chins.

Friday you could use the Pendulum machine with revolving handles.

What if you could do PULLOVERS on a pulldown? What if you could do fingertip pulldowns to strengthen your hands? 

Lots of questions.....so Tyler Hobson made the new Pendulum Pulldown with multiple handles.

You can see the Pendulum multi-grip at the CSCCa in Orando, May 5th, 6th, or 7th. You can see the Pulldown at the Penduum factory in Clare, Michigan. You can call 800-248-0270 and we will direct you to a place near you.



Pendulum Pulldown