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Power Squat Pro XT

Eric McKay

Erik McKay is the owner of NO BULL! STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE, located on Bull Run Road in Fowlerville, Michigan.

Erik McKay

He has developed a facility whose basis is full-body High Intensity Training, which ensures maximum stimulation of all major musculature of the body in a minimum amount of time.

Pendulum Power Squat Pro XT

“Private, personalized strength and performance training with a professionally educated coach utilizing the best equipment on the market. From InBody body composition test, neuromuscular testing and activation, to hand picked biomechanically correct equipment for a truly one of a kind workout. Get more results from less time!”

Erik not only loves the administration of training to others but also is a fitness buff himself. A lifetime goal for Erik McCay, who is of Scottish heritage, has been to pick up the ‘Dinnie Stones.’

The Dinnie Stones are two giant granite stones made famous by the Scott strongman Donald Dinnie. In 1860 he carried the stones across the width of Potarch Bridge in Potarch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The smaller of the two stones weighs 318 lbs 8 oz. and the larger 414 lbs 8 oz.

Dinnie stones

Let alone carrying them, lifting them is an unbelievable feat only accomplished by a few strongmen. McCay after extensive personal transformation and strength training is currently in Scotland to make an attempt at becoming one of the few to be able to attain this achievement.

Training to move the Dinnie stones
Training to pick up the Dinnie Stones in Scotland

In preparation, one of the tools Erik has used to enhance his unique strength has been training on the Pendulum Squat Pro XT. The XT has an extended additional loading point added to the Pendulum Squat Pro, which intensifies the experience of squatting. 

The following video is McCay lifting over 900 pounds for 2 reps as he continued to prepare for his adventure.

Training on the Pendulum Squat Pro XT

To Make an appointment and check out his training facility:
Phone: (517) 819-4882




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