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A man using a pendulum hip press

Researchers recently studied the use of the exercise method deemed pre-exhaustion and published in Frontiers of Physiology, “Effects of Pre-exhaustion Versus Traditional Resistance Training on Training Volume, Maximal Strength, and Quadriceps Hypertrophy”. They concluded that training pre-exhaustion can decrease the total training volume while maintaining results in strength and hypertrophy.

Reducing training volume can be applicable in an exercise regime for many reasons. Having a variety of methods at one’s disposal and managing variables such as time under tension, metabolic and mechanical stress allows one to modify a workout yet still obtain the desired results.

Pendulum Leg Extension
Pendulum Leg Extensions

Pre-exhaustion is generally implemented through the combination of two or more exercises for the same muscle group. Weight lifting using this modality, an individual completes a single joint exercise followed immediately by a  multi-joint exercise.

Example of a pre-exhaustion leg exercise:

Begin by training leg extensions to momentary muscular failure. Quickly, without rest choose a multi-joint exercise, (such as: the Pendulum Hip Press or Pendulum Squat Pro and or the Pendulum Seated Squat) that targets a large portion of the same musculature that is required for a similar movement. Then train this multi-joint movement to failure as well. A great way to Get Strong and adjust a workout routine.

Pendulum Hip Press
Pendulum Hip Press following the Leg Extension


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