The precision grip differs from a pinch grip in that a pinch grip is static, while the precision grip is dynamic. When we manipulate objects normally the force acts at right angles. Utilizing a precision grip the force becomes tangent to the path of the apparatus' direction of motion and is distributed across the contact area rather than focused at a point.

A precision grip requires dexterity and coordination between the thumb and fingers. Practice lifting heavy objects using this grip and learning how to maximize fingertip grip strength and power can be a game changer.

Precision Grip Strength Accessories
Precision Grip Wrist Roller from the Pendulum Grip Cart

When training the precision grip using the entire hand it is important to include all the digits in the motion on each turn of the wrist roller. As the weight is increased this becomes very difficult yet rewarding. A great way to Get the fingers of the hands Strong.

Precision Grip Strength Accessories on the Pendulum Grip Cart
Gripping With Precision