The Pingry School is located in Martinsville, New Jersey. Doug Scott is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. The hallmark of any strength and conditioning program is Preventative Sports Medicine and the Pingry School exemplifies this.

Doug Scott

Doug Scott discusses the Pingry School neck training program to a group of coaches

Beginning in the 6th grade physical education classes, all students begin neck exercise as part of their normal fitness routines. The purpose is not to neglect the structures that are important in posture, balance, movement, strength, cooling, oxygen uptake and protecting the student athlete by lowering concussive forces.  Having total body strength by including a neck protocol prepares young students for their participation in sport.

The following routine over time significantly changes these young students strength and readies them, male and female, for the comprehensive head and neck training program awaitng them in high school.

Neck  training the young athlete

Laying on their backs the students are instructed to make a goal post with their arms and keep the back of their hands on the floor during each of three different exercises.

1). Neck flexion - bring the chin to chest and hold for each repetition.

2). Neck protrusion - raise the head vertically off the floor in a straight line sticking out the chin .

3). Side of neck - raising the head off the floor and tilting the ear to the shoulder and returning to neutral.  Each side is trained.

A great way to Get the young Strong.