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Progression Progressive Resistance

A man using a Pendulum neck machine

Place the face pad in hole number 4 on the Pendulum cam. When properly seated, grasp the handles on the Pendulum 4 or 5-Way Neck Machine. Using your normal developmental routine follow its prescribed training for a minimum of three weeks.

Neck Training on the Pendulum Neck Machine

After three weeks, the next time you are to add weight based on the repetitions achieved in your personal program, instead of increasing the load, change your hand placement to the front of the seat on the neck machine. You will quickly find the movement to be more difficult and more weight unnecessary. Continue training with this form for three more weeks, increasing reps and adding weight when necessitated in your program. After the 3rd week, when it becomes time to add weight, instead of doing so, once again, change form.

Neck Training on the Pendulum Neck Machine

This time move your hands to the machine handles directly in back of you, which are located on the front of the seat pad. It will not be necessary to raise weight immediately, as it will take time to lift the same load with this new form.

Neck Training on the Pendulum Neck Machine

What is occurring when you are changing form rather than adding more weight is that you are slowly removing the ability of the traps and your torso to assist in moving the head forward. Excellent form is always challenging to obtain in strength training, as it is natural for an individual to use leverage to assist in moving objects. Overloading through the previously presented ‘progression methodology’ is a safe and effective way to begin a rigorous neck training program.

Once you get to the final neck training position with your hands placed behind your back it becomes the best posture to interact with the neck machine daily for ‘progressive resistance exercise’. An effective way to maximize development – a great way to Get Strong.



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