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Protect And Improve 

A woman using a pendulum neck machine

About 4% of the world’s population is actively involved in playing soccer, roughly 265 million people.  In the United States 30% of households have someone who plays the game.

Examining soccer strength training program recommendations there is seldom mention of head and neck training to improve performance and protect the athlete.

Sports Biomechanics Journal published, “Head and neck size and neck strength predict linear and rotational acceleration during purposeful soccer heading.”  Contracting the cervical muscles prior to heading alters the kinematics and not only is protective of the athlete, it also allows the athlete to play with greater skill as musculoskeletal acceleration and decelerations forces are larger.  Heading is a crucial skill in soccer clearing balls, scoring goals, winning battles for the ball.  There are defensive header techniques, as well attacking.  Neck training must be inclusive and prioritized as strength development of the entire system is fundamental to the sport.

Make Neck Training a Priority


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