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Protrude To Extend

Protrude To Extend                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Full-Length Neck Extension is pictured below; but only Protrusion takes Extension to the End-Range of Neck Extension                                                                                        

Working out on a Pendulum Neck Machine

Full-length neck extension is done on the Pendulum neck machine by initiating the action with the selector pin in the first hole of the Pendulum Cam.  In this position the cervical vertebra segments are lined and extended.

In full-length extension the upper cervical vertebrae segments are positioned in the extension portion of their total range.  This is exactly what you want if you are training the neck muscles that move the cervical spine, but neck muscles also extend the head.  A greater range of extension motion is achieved if you protrude the head forward.

NeckProtrusion is the position where the head is maximally translated horizontally with zero side to side movement.  This position has been shown to produce the maximal Occiput-C1 and C1-C2 extension movement.

Working out on a neck machineWorking out on a neck machine

To maximize your training you must include this exercise as part of your head and neck strengthening program.  Even though in full neck extension the cervical vertebrae are positioned in the extension portion of their total range, only protrusion takes the cervical vertebrae Occiput-C1 and C1-C2 to their end-range of extension.

Pendulum Equipment

To optimally train the protrusion movement, place the selector pin in the 4 or 5 Way Pendulum Neck Machine in the 3rd hole from the front of the cam.

Do not exclude protrude if you want to Get Strong.


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