The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull allows an athlete to train with a weight that is less or greater than their own bodyweight, so that their training can be progressive. The machine is modifiable, as it has an interchangeable handle system that allows for targeting specific anatomical areas aiding in development and rehabilitation. There are a large selection of grip variations that can be done; underhanded, overhand wide, narrow, rope grips, thick grips, rotating handles and more. Each handle simply plugs into the work arms of the machine and are easily inserted or removed..

Rotating Handles are One of the Many Types that can be Used

Training on the Lat Combo Pull

The exact same handles are interchangeable with the Pendulum Rack System. The handles can be removed from the Combo Pull and inserted in a cross bridge of the Pendulum Rack System enabling the athlete to perform the same exercise using body weight as resistance. A Great way to Get Strong.

Interchangeable Handles with the Lat Combo Pull

Chinning on the Pendulum Rack System