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Quick Squat

The Quickest Way To Obtain Barbell Squatting Form                                                   

Gabe Harrington of Colgate University has an eight step process for progressing into the squat that all athletes can benefit from.  Whether it is for introducing an athlete to the lift, reviewing fundamentals or correcting form this program has tremendous value.  A link to this process is provided below.

Once physical concerns of squatting form are corrected, which may require flexibility and isolated technique work, linking the components into a smooth action involves practicing the skill and using coaching feedback to perfect the technique.

The Pendulum Squat Pro with the floating yoke allows athletes to get into a proper squatting position and feel what it is like to link each component of the skill together. Quickly they understand what great form is supposed to feel like.  Coach Harrington uses the Squat Pro for skill acquisition after his progression.

By top loading the Pendulum the athlete strengthens and increases the range of motion in the low position.  This is an area that often takes years to effect with a barbell.

Pendulum Squat

Photo courtesy of Kathy Leistner

Bottom loading the machine gets you strong as you are moving upwads to the top position.  By loading the Squat Pro high and low the squatting movement feels exactly like a barbell squat.

Squat Machine

Top load, bottom load or cross load the Pendulum Squat Pro to aid in training or just use it to Get Strong.


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