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Range Of Motion Considerations

A man working out on the Pendulum  3-Way Row

Electromyographic studies show muscle activation varies with joint angle.  Example – In closing the elbow joint there is high electromyographic amplitude of the long head of bicep brachii during the early phase of the joint angle movement.  As the motion moves into the later portion of its range the short head of the bicep becomes more actively involved.

Partial Movement on the Pendulum  3-Way Row

Full range of motion exercise is important in muscular hypertrophy as it stimulates fibers by maximizing their shortening and lengthening.  Yet training shortened ranges of an exercise has its benefits as well.  Heavily loading a muscle in its strongest or even weakest position can accentuate growth.  Coaches and trainers utilize aspects of range limitation to enhance recovery regularly.

Employing great loads in a short motion heightens the mechanical tension on the targeted musculature.  There is evidence that training full range exercise and periodically performing heavy movements in a shortened motion will elicit alterations in intracellular signaling and positively affect long term protein accretion.  There is also evidence that employing partial motion with heavier loads to an exercise regime aids in the ability to use more weight during a full range movement.

A Full Range Movement

The set extension technology (S.E.T.) built into the Pendulum strength training machines takes advantage of these muscular activation patterns.  This allows the user to alter the range of motion before or during an exercise.  It is a great way to Get Strong.

Set Extension Technology



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