The range of motion of a joint, the range of motion of the musculature and the range of motion of a resistive device are all often different from one another during an exercise. The range of travel of the exercise device tries to follow the range of motion of the athletes joint as realistically as possible for a particular movement. The fitness coach encourages the athlete to train the entire range of travel and calls this full range of motion exercise.

pulldown machine

On a Pendulum designed exercise machine somewhere during the excursion from the beginning to the end point of range of travel, full range of motion of the targeted musculature occurs.  Full range of motion of the muscle seldom transpires where the athlete and/or coach expect.  Other non-targeted muscles develop and grow even though the range of movement is partial for them in the particular movement. 

Each Pendulum device is made to develop an area of the human structure more effectively than we could in any other exercise manner.  All that is required is that the athlete follows the range of travel of the Pendulum machine and with effort they will Get Strong.


Pendulum Pulldown