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Reducing Concussion Risk with a Strong Neck

In a recent study in the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, they write:

“It has generally been accepted that neck strengthening exercises are effective as a preventive strategy for reducing sports-related concussion risks.”

”Active responses of neck muscles and anticipatory muscle activation play a dominant role in this reduction.”

Pendulum Neck Machine

A review of the literature in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that:

“In male and female athletes across the age spectrum, greater neck strength and anticipatory cervical muscle activation (“bracing for impact”) can reduce the magnitude of the head’s kinematic response.”

By making head and neck training an important part of your program,  increased neck strength can reduce the time to compress the neck and a larger neck mass and/or muscle stiffness are important factors in the attenuation and dissipation of force.

Protect yourself and your athletes by Getting the neck STRONG.



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