Sometimes changing up how you are performing an exercise accelerates growth. Rest-Pause is a method that many incorporate into their normal routine to enhance muscular strength. Rest-Pause takes a set and breaks it into what are called ‘mini-sets’, as the rest interval which is normally done between sets is done between reps. The selected time of the  rest interval for mini-sets is an educated choice based on rep range and difficulty.

When selecting the Rest-Pause method the athlete utilizes the same weight one would normally do a set with and instead of repeating reps one after another the trainee sets the weight down and rests a chosen length of time between each repetition (the mini-set) - these mini sets continues until a repetition can no longer be performed.


The rep range the athlete is doing is 6-10 repetitions for the Pendulum 3-Way Row as part of his workout. Starting with his current weight 180 pounds, the athlete does 1 repetition and then sets the weight down for a chosen ‘rest and pause’ interval of 5 seconds. After 5 seconds he performs another repetition. This continues with 1 rep and a 5 second rest and pause until the weight can no longer be lifted.

It’s obvious the lifter will be able to do more repetitions than normally could be done, as there is recovery between each rep. This increases the volume of work for the chosen exercise and workout day. If Rest-Pause is used appropriately it will stimulate needed growth.

Pendulum 3-Way Row
Rest-Pause on the Pendulum 3-Way Row