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Denise doing push ups

Healthy nutrition and physical activity are keys to improving body composition, the musculoskeletal system, physical fitness, cognitive function,  prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and much more.  Eating well and exercising combats loss of muscle mass and loss of function as we age.

The success of exercise whether it be weight loss or weight gain is largely dependent on energy balance, that is, dietary energy intake and expenditure.  Timing of food choice, regular exercise and a healthy diet are important staples of a healthy lifestyle.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches are invested in the development of their athletes.  Certification in the profession requires ongoing education. The conferences they attend for ‘CEUs’ weigh heavily on exercise techniques, drills, management, safety, training loads, new technology, exercise devices, biomechanics and strategy sharing.  In general, other than NCAA regulated supplements, nutrition is mainly left up to others even though it is an important part of their constitutes development.

There are schools that are fortunate to have dieticians involved in their athletic programs, have regulated training tables and professional nutritional guidance to help augment performance and wellness.  The majority do not have access to such and athletes rely on personal decision making, home cooking, choices in the cafeteria, restaurants or fast food eateries.

For a strength and conditioning professional it is advantageous to periodically attend conferences that include gaining additional knowledge of nutrition.  The latest dietary information helps in communication and direction to ensure the right food choices are made and the correct information is given to athletes.

Attending nutrition and wellness seminars are important in professional development of the strength specialist.  There are also ‘retreats’ which are more comprehensive than seminars that give the attendee a greater perspective and provide in detail what to recommend to athletes.  Retreats are especially valuable as they also help  with your own personal lifestyle.

Denise Poudrier Normandin, MA, RD, LD is the CEO of Enlighten Nutrition & Wellness.  Denise is a passionate advocate, leader and motivator of healthy eating.  She is a member of Plymouth State University’s Adjunct Faculty and the Project Director for Healthy PSU, a nationally recognized research-based organizational health and wellness initiative. Normandine was recognized by the Wellness Council of America as one of the Top 10 Health Promotion Professionals in the country.

Her company provides comprehensive all-inclusive wellness retreats with a curriculum that includes nutritional education and healthy cooking instruction along with guided physical activities – hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, climbing, walking, therapeutic instruction of yoga, meditation, and more.

For a coach and/or strength and conditioning professional attending an adventurous retreat, possibly with a wife, husband or friend is somewhat outside of  their customary way of receiving information and the experience is appropriately called “Enlighten Nutrition and Wellness”

Denise does 117 Push-ups in 5 Minutes

Denise shows how her nutritional and wellness measures adds to her own physicality and how the word ‘retreat’ actually means moving forward.

Plymouth State University Weight Room

Normandine, a teacher at Plymouth State University, communicates regularly with John Thomas, PSU’s Strength and Conditioning Coach.  ‘JT’ was the former Head Strength Coach at Penn State University for 2 decades, as well as, coached at the University of Georgia and the Miami Hurricanes.

For information about Enlighten Nutrition & Wellness and retreats contact, or you may reach out to John Thomas at Plymouth State University who can provide further info in regards to  attending a retreat for the benefit of you and your athletes.

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