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Return To Play

Return To Play 

The average muscle strain with a proper rehabilitative program will resolve itself in 14-21 days.  Though the athlete has returned to activity there is evidence that muscle regeneration process will be ongoing.  The good news is that the process is headed in a positive direction.

Once a muscle has been strained the risk of re-injury has been heightened.  In football the cumulative risk of recurrence for a hamstring strain has been shown to be 30.6% for the rest of the season.  12.6% of the hamstring strains recur during the first week after return to play.  The percentage of risk decreases linearly week by week throughout the rest of the season.

These statistics are from high powered Division I programs that attend vigorously to muscular strain problems, who have medical staffs and time proven protocols.

When an athlete sustains a concussion muscle strain is also often involved.  What is your protocol?

Passing a neurological evaluation such as a computerized baseline concussion test is part of many schools processes, yet it does not attend to the muscular tissue.  Having strength results from your weight room, neck training program is imperative.

Once cleared for activity by passing a neurological test, the athlete must also return to normal functional baseline head and neck strength.  Muscular rehabilitation, after a concussion, should always be a logical part of the rehabilitative process.  Having values for head and neck strength using the Pendulum 5 Way Neck or New 4 Way Neck will assure that the musculature system has returned to normal strength for the athletes safe Return To Play.

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Get the Head and Neck Strong.

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