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Reverse Is Moving Forward

A man working out with a Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham

An important tool that should be a part of every training facility is the Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham.  In sport, lower extremity injuries are commonplace:  knees, achilles tendon, foot stress fractures, ankle sprains, turf toe and plantar fasciitis, all can happen throughout the year while training or during participation.

Return-to-play is an important part of competition.  Having an athlete sidelined can change the outcome of a game.  Getting the injured back onto the field of play and able to participate at a high level is all part of winning.  For an athlete that has incurred a lower leg injury in most incidences it does not mean that strength training has to stop.

Being able to keep a non-weight bearing leg or a leg with a casted foot strong, speeds recovery.  When the injured athlete returns to activity the ability to play at full speed is much sooner.  The Reverse Glute/Ham targets three areas of the legs that does not require weight bearing and aids development and recovery.

Get Strong and stay strong with the Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham.

Training the Hips – Start in a Bent Knee Position

Repetition Finish – Extend the Legs from Bent to Straight

Training the Glutes – Start in a Bent Knee Position

Finish the Repetition in the Same Bent Knee Position

Hamstrings – Start the Repetition with Legs Straight

Hamstrings – Keep the Legs Straight – Stretch at the Top of the Rep


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