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Robotic Hands

Pendulum Grip Cart

Hand strength and the development of its associated musculature is extremely important in sport and life. It cannot be underestimated how necessary it is to develop the strength of the grip and the skill of interacting with objects. This relationship of ‘interacting with objects’ and grasping is also a priority for many scientists that are involved in the Robotic Industry.

Robotic research has accelerated throughout history. Trying to emulate the human hand and how it holds different entities varying its power is most difficult.  The robots’ ability to handle constantly changing shapes and items will have enormous societal impact.  Robots through science are steadfastly trying to capture the art of gripping,  “Grasping is the critical grand challenge right now,” says Ken Goldberg, an engineer at the University of California, Berkeley.

Researchers are involved in identifying the parts of the fingers that are touching objects, the force of the touch relative to the type of material and each digits ability to manipulate what is being held. The goal is to make robots increasingly adept at handling the variability of tasks currently performed by humans.

This amazing ability that we have with our hands can never be taken for granted and strength should be developed throughout one’s life. The hands dexterity can be defining in sports and should never be neglected in the overall development of an athlete.

A loaded Pendulum Grip Cart addresses the way the hands interact with objects and maximizes all the associated muscle needed to grasp. Get the hands Strong and add the Grip Cart to your facility.

Pendulum Grip Cart

Pendulum Grip Cart



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