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Rocking It At Home

A man rock climbing

Rock climbing is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in America and around the world. It is scheduled to be a part of the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. Today you can watch USA Climbing on TV and view what is occurring, get tips on training, learn the nomenclature and observe the latest techniques and strategies.

Currently gyms and many national and state parks are shut down increasing the difficulty to excel in the sport.  Yet, being innovative without access to facilities or recreational areas has not stopped development for many who are now asked to stay at home.

The following photos are from experienced rock climbers who are working out from home showing how they have adapted to their new environment. When their home training time becomes serious they use mattresses on the floor for safety as if they are bouldering in a gym.

Bringing Outdoor Equipment Indoors

Staying Strong Before Returning To The Gym And Mountains


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