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Rogers Athletic Company Donates Fitness Equipment to Eagle Village

Eagle Village in Hersey, Michigan is about children and family and changing lives.  Eagle Village is a non-profit family treatment center providing Intervention Services, Camps, Residential Treatment, Foster Care and Adoption services for all counties in Michigan.

Owner David Rogers of the Rogers Athletic Company and Vice President of Marketing and Product Development Kyle Camp visited and toured Eagle Village early this past year.  Eagle Village stirred Dave Rogers and Rogers Athletic by its desire to work with youth who need direction and confidence to improve and take control of their lives.  They were impressed with the organization’s ability to impact so many and decided they wanted to be involved.

“Their generosity is truly a blessing.  They gave us an amazing selection of machines that will allow for staff to do a variety of different exercises focusing on almost any area of physical fitness desired,” commented staff member Jeremiah Phelps. 

Hip Press Eagle VillageEagle Village Pendulum Hip Press

Rogers Athletic took time and care helping Eagle Village staff evaluate their fitness needs and plan what equipment would best fit the space.  Because of this donation, Eagle Village is working toward a campus-wide wellness program that will provide the youth and staff with the resources needed to meet each individual’s needs. 

Eagle Village Weight Room

Eagle Village Pendulum Shoulder/Incline

If you know of a family that may benefit from Eagle Village and its programs or would like further information call 231-832-2234 or select

The kids Get Strong in many ways in Eagle Village. 

Eagle Village Weight RoomEagle Village Weight Room 


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