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Rope Pull War

Pendulum rope pull

The Adjustable Tension Rope Pull

On engravings found in Egyptian tombs over 4000 years ago boys can be seen participating in the semblance of what is now regarded as the sport of tug-of-war. In ancient Olympia, Greece, tug-of-war was an event as early as 500 BC. Today the sport still continues having worldwide contests and a Tug Of War International Federation (TWIF). In 2022 one site of the TWIF World Games will be held in July in Birmingham, Alabama and the Outdoor TWIF World Championships will be held in September in Holten, Netherlands.

TWIF is a well defined and monitored sport with; weight classes, weigh-ins, defined number of rope pullers, age categories, male pullers, female pullers, dress and shoe considerations, rope grip rules, pulling position rules, indoor rules, outdoor rules, posture rules, number of match pulls, disqualifications and on and on. Like any sport there are rule books and referees to judge each contest to determine a fair outcome.

Pendulum Rope Pull

What is important to know is that data indicates that tug-of-war participants have excellent strength and above average endurance relative to body size and that pulling on a rope is a beneficial component of any strength and conditioning program. Like any exercise there are ways to specifically target desired anatomical areas. Example: the more flexed elbow and more supinated forearm the better for building strong elbow flexors and the more one supinates the forearm there is a reduction in gripping force.

The Pendulum Rope Pull rack attachment negates the need for a partner or someone else to pull against. You already have the toughest, fiercest opponent to compete against – yourself! Simply adjust the tension, set the height to pull from, adjust the angle of pull and get to work. It can be a regular exercise, a pre-exhaustion exercise, a team challenge, a timed posted event, or a finisher.  If you want to Get Strong add the Pendulum Rope Pull to the Pendulum Rack System.

Pendulum Rope Pull
The Pendulum Rope Pull


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