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Rotate In Three Planes

A man working out with pendulum equipment

Supination and pronation of the forearm is not a simple motion, but a complex motion with rotation and translation. The movement depends on two bones, the radius and the ulna, as well as, joints, ligaments and muscles. The turning of the hand is possible because of the forearm and rotation of the upper limb at the shoulder.

Elbow position, wrist range of motion, shoulder position and variations in grip strength all effect kinematics. The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull Rotating Handle, rotates in three anatomical planes, that is the sagittal plane, the coronal plane and transverse. The handles also allow the user to adjust shoulder width and adjust for torso and arm length. 

All these factors are important in targeting the musculature of the upper back and dealing with pain in wrist, elbow and the shoulder. A handle that can handle all situations – a great way to get strong.

Outside Placement of the Pendulum Rotating Handle

Training on the Lat Combo Pull with Long Handles



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All Five Fingers

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Hip Engagement 

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