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Running On The Edge

Running On The Edge Is Serious

Serious running requires a stop watch and a serious attitude. Edge training is twice around the outside of a football field.  This includes outside the end zones.  Two times around the outside Edge of the field in succession is one edge.  Never cut a corner.  Never step on or over a line.  Run on the edge.  There are no short cuts to success.

This is a full speed drill.  It requires proper warm up.

Run an edge and record your time.  Rest exactly 1 minute.  Continue until four edge sprints have been run and recorded.

Event                       Time               -Rest exactly 1 minute between each sprint

#1. Edge                   _____

#2. Edge                   _____

#3. Edge                   _____

#4. Edge                   _____

Two days a week run 4 edges and record your times. The following is an example.

Day #1

Event                       Time             -1 minute rest interval between sprints-

#1. Edge                   2:30

#2. Edge                   2:38

#3. Edge                   2:42

#4. Edge                   3:00

This is how Edge running becomes serious.  Each day the athlete must better their times in all four  sprints.  A bonus sprint at full speed is awarded for each sprint missed.

If one sprint time is missed one bonus is ran.  If four times are missed four full speed bonus runs musy be completed.

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The following is an example of an athlete who misses two Edge runs.

Day #2

Event     Time to beat from Day#1     Time Run Day#2

#1. Edge                    2:30             2:28   made time by beating 2:30 from Day#1

#2. Edge                    2:38             2:42   missed his time of 2:38 from Day #1

#3. Edge                    2:42             2:41   made his time beat 2:42

#4. Edge                    3:00             3:12   missed his time 3:00 from day #1

#5 Bonus Edge                               3:15   a bonus run from missing Edge #2

#6. Bonus Edge                              3:32   a bonus run from missing Edge #4

Week #2  Day #3 – The times you use for each Edge on all subsequent days are the fastest times you have ever run for each of four sprints.

Event               Time to beat      -1 minute rest interval between sprints-

#1. Edge                   2:28          fastest time to date, from Day #2

#2. Edge                   2:38          fastest time to date from Day #1, has never beaten time

#3. Edge                   2:41          fastest time to date from Day #2

#4. Edge                   3:00          fastest time from Day #1, has yet to beat this time

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