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See, Believe, Do

You may see it, you may believe it, can you do it?

visionMike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Michigan for 30 years and was a part of 15 Football Championships in that time.

In 1939, the Sante Fe, the Union Pacific, and the Southern Pacific converged to form what is called the last great American rail station, Union Station in Los Angeles.

It was built at the height of the railroad boom before automobiles filled our roads and planes filled the skies.

In World War II, my father and many other soldiers passed though Union Station on their way to fight in the Pacific. As a young man  I headed to Vietnam.  I, too passed through the same rail terminal in northeast L.A.

Outside on Alameda street, there is a sundial with a commemorative plaque placed there by the men who completed their dream of connecting the great railroad systems. Ready to leave my homeland, I read and committed to memory its powerful saying.

As a football strength & conditioning coach, once a year in the summer after a heavy run I would bring the players together and tell them about the sundial in front of Union Station. We could visit it if we earned the right to play in the Rose Bowl vision1

The inscription reads Vision to See, Faith To Believe, Courage To Do. Many men have a vision which they believe they can attain. The champion is the one who dreams, believes, and has the courage to follow through each step it takes to accomplish it.

The ‘Courage to Do‘ is how you Get Strong.

3 way row

3 Way Row



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