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Shock Absorbers For The Upper Torso

Dissipators and Participators

Muscle tendons attenuate energy. In other words, tendons reduce the amplitude of the forces imposed upon the musculature. They do this by quickly storing energy as your limb makes contact with an object or surface. They also return this energy powerfully during activity.

When we train our hands, we increase the thickness of our tendons over time. Not only do we develop a stronger grip, but the tendons act as shock absorbers protecting our shoulders and upper torso by storing and dissipating energy as contact is made.


When our arms and hands are slammed into an object, the tendon is stretched. Like a powerful rubber band, it returns stored energy and amplifies the force of the muscle-tendon unit, which is exactly why an athlete wants strong, powerful, thick, meaty, foreams and hands. They want these appendages to be both dissipators and participators.


Train your hands and Get your shock absorbers Strong.


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