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Shoulder Grip

A man working on a grip strength exercise

Many performance coaches practice what has become known as prehab, a routine of specific exercises at the beginning of their weight lifting program.  This process is used to improve an individual’s functional capacity with specific physical activity to warm-up, strengthen and increase range of motion prior to the initiation of their lifting routine.  Often, internal and external rotation are inclusive with a goal of activating the smaller stabilizer muscles of the shoulder that are often seemingly overlooked and crucial to maintaining joint integrity.

The complexity of our structure, how exercise affects particular areas and exercise selection is not always intuitive.  The Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation published an interesting study, Effects of hand grip exercise on shoulder joint internal rotation and external rotation peak torque., researchers concluded, “Hand grip training has a positive effect on shoulder joint IRPT/ERPT and therefore can help strengthen muscles around the shoulder without using weight on the shoulder.”

Starting shoulder rehabilitation utilizing the grip is an interesting way to begin a rehabilitation program as it elicits the specific developmental growth needed without loading the shoulder.  Also, it is important to conclude that the inclusion of grip training in a regular exercise regime is far more than just the gaining of hand strength.

The use the Pendulum Gripper to strengthen the hands with the knowledge that it also has a positive effect on the rotator cuff and the surrounding dynamic stabilizers of the shoulder girdle adds a previous hidden value to the exercise device..

The Pendulum Grip Pro


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