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Shoulder Recovery

A man working out with Pendulum Vertical Chest Press

Since the conception of organized strength training the bench press has been arguably the most popular exercise. It has been an important part of NFL Combine testing since the seventies and is an integral part of most sports programs today. Having shoulder problems related to athletic participation is commonplace and often temporarily negates the players ability to continue this exercise and its physiological muscular demands. The desire for a player with an issue to resume pressing is expected.

The Pendulum Vertical Chest Press has the same strength curve as the barbell bench. Athletes who train exclusively on the Vertical Chest and then practice the 225 pound bench press for several workouts achieve as good or better results on the 225 pound test as those who strength trained only with a barbell with equivalent weights and routines.

The Pendulum Chest has several advantages over the free weight barbell bench press especially in shoulder recovery.  After a shoulder mishap and the athletic trainer has released the athlete to resume upper body strength training many exercises are still compromised by pain. To return to normal barbell bench pressing use the Chest Press to accelerate recovery.

To begin, raise the seat to a higher than normal position than would typically be used on the device. The higher than normal seat height  provides forgiveness to the anterior shoulder, as it involves less muscle activity as diagnosed through electromyography.

Elevated Seat Height

Once seated in an elevated position it appears as if the athlete is about to do  a decline press. Unlike the decline the action is more linear and less stressful to the shoulder during the repetition. When strength improves lower the seat height one notch and begin Getting Strong at this level. Continue this process until the athlete is in a normal bench pressing position on the Pendulum Vertical Chest. This process of pain free strengthening and then lowering accelerates recovery and quickly returns the athlete to normal benching power.

Pendulum Vertical Chest Press


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