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Shoulder Rehab and Hands

There is a positive correlation between handgrip strength and shoulder muscle strength. Having shoulder trauma due to mechanical factors, trauma and overuse is common in sports. There are many normative protocols that programs use to rehabilitate and return the injured athlete to activity. The latest research indicates that adding handgrip-strengthening exercises to conventional interventions increases the efficacy of the treatments. This includes improved shoulder function, muscle strength, return to active range of motion and a reduction of pain with this added modality.

The relationship between the shoulders and hands has been studied extensively.  It is easy to visualize that the grasping of an object and added twisting and turning requires the hands arms and shoulders. Whether throwing a baseball, football, basketball, striking with hockey sticks, playing lacrosse or wrestling it is hard to imagine these two anatomical areas uninvolved with one another.

Handgrip-strengthening exercises help activate rotator cuff muscles, help regulate the middle and anterior deltoid, excite neural drive and the integration of sensory information from the shoulder and hand and more.

Explore the inclusion of hand work as a part of the rehabilitative process.

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