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Sled Count-Downs


First select what is called a “count-down” number, which could be any number between one and fifteen.  Then select the same number of exercises as your count-down number from the following  list or a list of your choosing.

1.      Thighs-toes-thighs and up
2.      Bear Crawl-10 yds. (this is one repetition)
3.      Knee slap while running in place
4.      10 yard carioca
5.      10 yard hop-right foot
6.      10 yard hop-left foot
7.      Broad jump as far as you can in one direction, then back (each direction is one rep).
8.      Lunges
9.      Mountain Climbers
10.      Cone hop
11.      Sit-ups
12.      Push-ups
13.      Squat thrusts
14.      Trunk twisting
15.      Power jumps

Jumping over a cone

Program: Choose a count-down number.  If you choose ten as your count-down number and have also selected the exercises from the above list.   Begin by warming up and then sprint 100 yds.  Upon completion of your sprint, immediately begin doing 10 repetitions of each of the first ten exercises, thighs-toes-thighs and up, bear crawl, knee slap…., etc.  After a measured rest interval, sprint 90 yds. and do nine exercises of nine repetitions.  At the end of the ninth exercise, sprint 80 yds. and do eight repetitions of each exercise. Continue until you sprint 10 yds. and do one repetition of each exercise. You will have run 550 yds and done 55 repetitions of each exercise.

To make the program harder, increase the count-down number or just increase the number of exercises.

Example: Choose 15 exercises, do 100 yds and ten repetitions of each.

Push Sled

To make the program even harder, instead of running the 100 yards between exercises push the Rogers Drive Sled 100 yards and count-down.

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