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Sled-Push Training

Two men pushing drive sleds.

Resisted sprint training can be done multiple ways; wearing vests, pulling objects, pushing objects, using bands and more. Of these resisted methods sled pushing may be the most popular tool used to improve sprint performance. How far a sled should be pushed, how often and how much weight should be used is not well studied. Nor is there specific educational guidance on how to fit sled pushing into your athletic program. 

The good news is when researched sled training brings positive results. A great example is from a study published in the 2020 Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, “Influence of resisted sled-push training on the sprint force-velocity profile of male high school athletes.” The researchers based on their program set up found, “….this study suggests resisted sled pushing with any load was superior to unresisted sprint training and that heavy loads may elicit the greatest gains in sprint performance over short distance.

ROGERS Drive Sled
Drive Sled Training


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