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Sleep And Sugar

Rogers Athletic Co equipment

Many foods contain added sugar. We like to label them as junk or fast foods. The added sugar refers to sugar that is not naturally found in our sustenance. We consume cookies, candy, cakes, sweetened beverages, concentrated fruits, vegetable juices and more processed items that contain the addition.

We are already aware that there is a relationship with a diet containing high levels of sugar as an additive, increasing the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, cancer risk factors, high blood pressure, obesity and inflammation.

What is not often discussed and not contemplated by many is that there is a significant relationship of poor sleep quality to high added sugar intake. This is important for every athlete to be aware of when they sit down to eat. Coaches encourage athletes to value sleeping and napping to ensure getting the most out of their physical and mental development. Teaching athlete’s that it is not only the number of hours you sleep but the quality of the rest, which inturn can be related to what is being ingested.

For further information on the subject read, “Relationship Between Added Sugar Intake and Sleep Quality Among University Students: A Cross-sectional Study”, a recently published study in 2022 in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

Get a good night’s sleep and Get Strong.



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