Keep The Blood Flowing                                                                                               


nTraining your head and neck musculature are the first exercises that any athlete should do when playing a sport associated with concussive or subconcussive forces.  The dissipation of force and the strength of a well developed cylindrical neck helps protect the athlete.

Coaches teach that a well developed vascular neck benefits the athlete in concentration as well as dissipating heat during competition by increasing blood flow to the head.  

Blood flowing through the  brains web of vessels is a sign that nerve cells have kicked into action.  The blood rushes into active areas supplying neurons as they fire with oxygen and glucose that they need for energy as well as to regulate their  temperature.

It is hypothesized (the hemo-neuro hypothesis) that blood not only nourishes cells, but may be intimately involved in the information processing.

Research into neurodegenerative and mental disorders has found a link between blood vessels, neurons and dementia. Vascular-induced dementia is when neurons die due to improper blood flow.  Neurodegeneration-induced dementia is related to vasculature collapse following nerve cell death.  Some feel that vessel changes occur as early or earlier than the neuronal changes.

It stands to reason that training your head and neck musculature is the first thing that not only any athlete should do, but any human should do that undergoes an exercise routine.

Train your neck is the smart thing to do as you Get Strong.


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