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So You Think You Have Been Squatting

So You Think You Have Been Squatting…Try This On For Size

First top load the Pendulum Squat Pro with a weight that you can do about 15-20 reps with.  Top loading the weight on the Squat Pro exercises the musculature involved in the low position of a free weight barbell squat.


Top Loaded Pendulum Squat

Follow this movement with a leg curl for 10-15 reps.  Pause at the top of every leg curl movement for a full second.

Upon completion of the leg curl remove 50 percent of the load on the upper weight horns of the Pendulum Squat and transfer the weight to the lower weight horns.  This splitting of the weight leaving half on the top and half distributed on the bottom horns gives you the same strength curve as squatting with free weights.

Immediately squat and try to obtain as many reps as possible.  Since the weight is the same that was utilized in the first exercise, the number of reps achieved will be somewhat less then what was previously accomplished.

You will be surprised though as you are able to get a few more reps then you may have thought.  The muscle fibers that you did not use when top loading now come into play.

Move to the leg extension (Pendulum has just completed its new leg extension sooo… look out)  and do 10 – 15 reps.  With each leg extension rep pause with your legs exactly parallel to the floor for a full second before slowly returning it to the starting position.


Split Loaded Pendulum Squat

Quickly remove all the top weight and add it to the bottom weight horns.  With the weight in this position the exercise becomes heavier as you ascend.  When you initially remove the weight from the carriage it will feel heavier than expected. This is okay, because you need not be as strong in the bottom position of the squat in order to stand up when the weight horns are loaded this way.  Grind out as many reps as possible.

Pendulum EquipmentBottom Loaded Pendulum Squat

1. Pendulum Squat Pro – Load High -15-20 Reps

2. Pendulum Leg Curl – 10-15 reps

3.. Pendulum Squat Pro – Split The Weight – Max Reps

4. New Pendulum Leg Extension – 10-15 Reps

5. Pendulum Squat Pro – Bottom Load – Max Reps

6. Get Strong



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