Some Simple Rules For Lateral Neck Flexion                                                                                                                                                                      

Having the correct posture when lifting a barbell or fitting correctly into an exercise machine is all part of properly performed exercise.  Coaches learn key strategies through their experiences of interacting with athletes that expedites the desired position to execute the movement.  When training the side of the neck have your athlete first sit with his or her ear and shoulder parallel with the face pads line of movement.


One such strategy for seating properly is telling the athlete, as they are looking straight ahead, they will lose the peripheral vision in the eye closest to the pad. The range of lateral flexion motion is only about 40 degrees from neutral.  Any movement further usually equates to movement of the shoulders.

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You can also begin lateral neck flexion with your ear close to your shoulder and return to neutral.  Both movements effectively train the neck.  Periodically varying your starting position in your training routines will Get you Strong.

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