Sometimes A Loss Is A Gain                                            


For each pound of body weight lost, for people that are overweight, there is roughly a 4 pound reduction in knee joint stress.  Even with a modest reduction in weight the load on a joint is significant.

The accumulated knee load for a 1-pound loss for an overweight person would be more than 4,800 pounds per mile walked.   Losing 5 pounds means each knee would be subjected to a 24,000 pounds less compressive load per mile.

Athletes are always faced with injury, rehab, and unnecessary weight gain.  Knowing the above information is important in joint stress reduction.

There is a threshold for pain and a point at which pain begins to be felt.  Reducing 4,800 pounds of stress during the movement of daily activity by dropping a pound of excess weight may be just what is required to inhibit joint pain and begin muscular recovery after an injury.

Pain inhibits muscular function reducing or eliminating pain speeds up the rehabilitative process and allows you to Get Strong.


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