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Sometimes You Don’t See What Is Right In Front Of You

Sometimes You Don’t See What Is Right In Front Or In Back Of You

Mike and his wifeMike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Michigan for 30 years and was a part of 15 Football Championships in that time. He explains, that Mothers know where to look.

My wife and I walk. On our outing we head by the local golf course down the street from our home. We collect golf balls for competition.  Who can find one first and not be obvious as we walk the same daily path is extra cool.  It is a contest which I seldom win which frustrates me. Yet I have resided to the fact that moms know where to look.

What is amazing is that we find the golf balls in the same place every time almost everyday all summer long. The same place! How can all the golfers lose their golf balls in one area all the time and never find them  or at least pick up someones.

It is so simple just look around for a couple of minutes as you casually stroll and there they are! We have become golf ball rich.

Every Sunday during the football season I have several high school players who’s moms bring their sons to my home to train their head and neck musculature. Their schools do not have neck machines.

Pendulum Equipment

The moms look in the magazines and read about concussions, they look in the papers and read about head injuries and they look on TV and hear about helmet to helmet collisions. It is so simple to know what is going on as they look around.

Magazine Magazine Magazine

They  apparently can see the problem very clearly and respond. If I offered neck training at my house to all the moms on the local teams,  on Sundays I would have a house full of boys and would have to have more neck machines in my home.

I have visited over 300 colleges and have found very few neck machines.  Maybe no one reads and sees the media as moms do. Maybe the machines are there and I didn’t see them. My wife says maybe they are like golf balls, the machines are there but I don’t know where to look. My wife has offered to come hunt for neck machines with me. I should probably take her her up on it……Moms know where to look...

They found a neck machine at my house…..

If you want to impact concussions and protect kids look around for neck machines to Get them Strong.

Pendulum EquipmentPendulum EquipmentPendulum Equipment


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