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Speed Growth?

Co-ingestion of Carbohydrate and Protein

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Unduly elevating your protein levels through diet or supplementation can have the opposite effect of what is desired.  Recently a blog was posted about mTORC1 and protein synthesis (which you may read below).  It reported that if amino acids are sustained in the blood for too long protein synthesis is shut off, as mTORC1 has its own self-regulating mechanism.   Shutting off protein synthesis means stopping muscular growth.

Many athletes and sport coaches who were ingesting or suggested ingesting amino acids post exercise, became aware of the fact that too much can quickly become a negative.  It became widely reported that carbohydrate added to protein improved net balance by inhibiting muscle protein breakdown.  Subsequently co-ingesting carbohydrate with protein to maximize the post-exercise synthetic response became vogue; sweetening up the protein recovery drinks became commonplace.

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Upon further research, this time analyzing consuming amino acids with carbohydrate,  it was published first in the American Journal of Physiology and Endocrinology and Metabolism and then substantiated in other scientific journals, that too much protein in the blood is too much with or without carbs.  It behooves us to make wise choices about our dietary intake to optimize growth.

Muscle glycogen can be reduced as much as 30-40% post exercise.  Having a carbohydrate drink following exercise may make an athlete feel better after strenuous work, as it contributes to repleting muscle energy stores.  Having food in the form of a liquid protein drink, such as milk is okay, if the athlete is so inclined, though it is not an elixir for enhancing growth.  Protein synthesis is going to be elevated for at least 24 hours post workout and having normal nourishment throughout the day before sleep will maximize muscular development.  After hard work the speed at which food is ingested is of little consequence.  Hard work, a balanced diet and proper rest is still the way to Get Strong. 

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