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Squat and Belt Squat

Squat and Belt Squat on the New Pendulum Power Rack

The Pendulum Power Rack was designed to be the new ‘Industry Standard’ and raise the bar when it comes to strength and design.  It was just introduced at the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Convention in Kansas City.

Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment

The Pit Shark Belt Squat Chin & Dip, has been added to the new Pendulum Power Rack.

Pit SharkPendulum EquipmentPendulum EquipmentPendulum Equipment

Richard Hoole the inventor of the Pit Shark and Tyler Hobson the inventor of Pendulum discuss how to add the Pit Shark to the new Pendulum Rack.

Pendulum EquipmentPendulum Equipment

In the photos below Tyler Hobson and Richard Hoole show off the Pit Shark that is attached to the Pendulum Rack to college strength coaches at the CSCCa.

Pendulum Equipment

Pendulum Equipment

Squat or Belt Squat to Get Strong


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