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Squatting On The Hip Press 50 Reps

Squatting On The Hip Press 50 Reps

BannerChris Arp is the strength coach at Reynoldsburg High School in Ohio.   He is an innovative coach and instructor and is known for his progressive training methods. He has run one of the nations most comprehensive high school sports programs for over 23 years.

There are many ways to squat and there are many other ways to train and develop powerful legs. Combining a leg press and a squat will give you tremendous results.

Coach Arp often has his athletes combine these two difficult movements. To do this, first the athlete is properly fitted into the Pendulum Hip Press.  Their goal is to achieve 20 perfect reps.

When the athlete can no longer squeeze out a repetition the seat is quickly moved 3 notches forward. The exercise resumes immediately with the same weight. The athletes new goal is to try and reach 20-25 partial grueling repetitions at this newly adjusted seat height.

Hip pressHip Press

Once their new goal is achieved a sand bag, which is resting on the back of the Hip Press is quickly placed on the athletes shoulders. The squat is performed with as little rest as possible. The athlete holds on to the machine with their arms straight and squats as low as possible. They are never to straighten their legs once they begin.

They proceed doing full squats. Their new goal is a combined 50 reps of the three movements, hip press, partial press and squat.

Hip pressHip Press

20 Leg Presses + 20-25 Leg presses seat three holes forward + 5-10 bag squats = 50 total reps

The weight is increased the next workout, based upon the 20 reps in the first phase of leg pressing. 

They may or may not reach a total of 50 reps, but they will…..GET STRONG.

Hip press


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