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Sprinting across a football field and touching the opposite sideline with your foot and sprinting back is called a half-gasser, making the same trip twice is a full-gasser.

• The normal rest interval is 45 seconds between each half-gasser

• Start in position-specific stance behind football field sideline

• Sprint across field to the opposite sideline and touch with the foot

• Immediately sprint back through the starting line

• Complete each rep in a position-specific time

Once in shape take advantage of the stadium steps to challenge your fitness level.


Run a half-gasser under the prescribed time given below …..then run your stadium steps as fast as possible to the top….you have two minutes -or- two and one half minutes (depending on the size of your stadium) to sprint and walk back down and run the next gasser under the allotted time. Your goal is five stadium-gassers …once you can achieve 5 gassers after sprinting the stadium steps within the sprint/walk/rest interval either keep reducing the rest interval by 5-10 seconds each new workout or add additional stadium-gassers.

Groups DB, WR, RB 

Half-gassers – plus stadium steps
Half-gasser time – 16 Seconds
Sprint/Walk/Rest Interval- 2 minutes or 2 1/2 minutes

Groups LB, TE, DE, QB, P, K
Half-gassers – plus stadium steps
Half-gasser time – 18  Seconds
Sprint/Walk/Rest Interval – 2 minutes or 2 1/2 minutes

Groups OL, DT
Half-gassers – plus stadium steps
Half-gasser time – 20  Seconds
Sprint/Walk/Rest Interval – 2 minutes or 2 1/2 minutes

Half-gassers coupled with sprinting the stadium is not for everyone as it is extremely challenging and requires first being able to complete at least 10 half-gassers in the prescribed times before attempting to add the stair sprint.  Stadium-gassers is a great way to Get Strong.

Pendulum Equipment

The University of South Carolina Power Squat Pro and Pit Shark


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