Strengthen The Head And Jaw                                               


The infrahyoids are made up of four muscles; three of which attach to the hyoid bone, the omohyoid, the sternohyoid, and the thyrohyoid.  They lie right over the trachea.  The infrahyoids can be and are often damaged in whiplash.

Infrahyoids: flex the neck.

Suprahyoids: open the jaw.

The hyoids are involved in chewing and movements of the tongue.

The hyoids are heavily involved in posture and a weakness in these muscles can cause many interesting problems from how we stand, how our back feels to cervical neck pains.

What is interesting is that the suprahyoid and infrahyoid muscles attach to the hyoid bone, the only free floating bone in our body.


describe the imageMusculature attaching above and below this free floating structure allows for a dampening effect that helps limit oscillations of the head.


In physics, damping is any effect that tends to reduce the amplitude of oscillations and the hyoids can act as a damping device.


Using the specialized cam on the Pendulum 5 Way Neck or... new... 4 Way Neck allows an athlete to isolate these natural force dissipators.


Train the muscles that move and protect the Head as well as train the Neck muscles, Get your athletes Strong.




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