The middle finger (digitus medius) is considered both a limb and a digit. In most people the middle finger is the longest digit on both hands. The digitus medius is an important contributor to grip strength. It contributes over 30% of the capable force of the four fingers of the hand and can be trained by using a pinch grip with a square wrist roller.

Grasp the wrist roller with the thumb and only the middle finger and wind up the selected weight alternating hands. On each turn, raising the weight should be completed by a single hand utilizing the selected finger and thumb.

Dominant and nondominant gripping disparities are commonplace. Allowing the other hand to contribute even slightly in turning the implement adds to the disparity. Using the pinch grip with implements of various widths, isolating each finger during training builds strong hands.

Rollers of all Sizes are located on the Pendulum Grip Cart