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Strong Fingers

Finger Strength                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Grip machine

If you injure the ulnar side of the hand, that is, the index and middle finger side you will have a great loss in overall grip strength, injuring the little finger also has a dramatic effect.  Restricting the movement of the pinky finger can reduce hand strength by as much as 33% and in some pinching and grasping tasks upwards of 50%.  Looking at studies of the hand indicates that each digit does not act alone and contributes to the strength of the adjacent finger.  Muscles and fingers work together in a coordinated fashion to produce overall hand strength.

Many athletes in combative sports such as football tape their fingers at the spots where they bend or in manners where they are more difficult to extend.  Players feel they can gain an edge in preventing finger injuries, as well as, help them absorb the shock of a combative sport.   A few believe tape helps their hand strength.

The message is that the hands are vulnerable to injury and require perpetual maintenance as they get beat up playing the game.  Do not neglect the very implements that do a great deal of work during the contest and are easily and often damaged.

Make sure you have accurate measurements on hand strength and return each digit to its original strength post injury.  Keeping the hands strong keeps the athlete strong.

Grip Machine


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