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Strongman Exercise

The 180 TireFlip Trainer

The ability to increase force from a resting level or low level as quickly as possible during a rapid muscular contraction is defined as explosive strength. The measurement of the rate of the rise in contractile force at the onset of the contraction is the rate of force development (RFD). Even strength training professionals who have invested their lives in strength training are often taken back when they watch a unique display  of explosive movements and search to understand how it was obtained.

This past year researchers studied and published, The Biomechanics and Applications of Strongman Exercises: a Systematic Review,

“…. a systematic review was conducted to examine researchers’ current understanding of the biomechanics of strongman exercises, with a view to improve strongman athlete performance, provide biomechanical evidence supporting the transferability of strongman exercises to strength and conditioning/rehabilitation programs, and identify gaps in the current knowledge of the biomechanics of strongman exercises.”

There are Gaps in our Knowledge of Moving Weight

It is Beneficial to Understand how Some become Uniquely Strong, Explosive and Skillful

An  exercise the researcher found in their literature search that was extremely beneficial for strongmen was the tire flip.  It is used not only for competition but as a training tool to develop power, strength, endurance and metabolic conditioning training.  It was also characterized by a reduced second pull phase time which produces unique strength..

The authors concluded, “Strength and conditioning coaches may consider the use of the tire flip as an effective tool for the training of greater horizontal force and power production for rugby and American football athletes.”

Consider the Rogers Athletic 180 or 180XL TireFlip Trainer as an addition to your weight room.  A great way to Get Strongman Strong.

The 180 TireFlip Trainer



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