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Stuck- Keep Your Legs Trucking

home strength training

When you’re stuck without a weight training facility it is important to be creative and utilize what is available. If you use a truck for transportation, place it in park with the emergency brake on, drop the tailgate to begin leg work.

Hold on to the tailgate with both hands and perform a single leg squat. If the exercise is too difficult, hold and lower yourself at an 8 count, then use both legs to return to vertical and again lower yourself slowly with one leg each repetition. Strive for 8 reps at an 8 count with each leg for each set. Eventually, you will be able to perform the single leg squatting movement.

single leg squat
single leg squat

Most athletic movements are initiated by one leg whether we are running, jumping, cutting, kicking or pushing off in any direction.The single leg can be thought of as the foundation of body movement.

Once an athlete has gained the appropriate amount of strength they may elect to stand on the tailgate and perform bodyweight squats. This exercise is a similar elevated movement that many athletes perform regularly in their workout programs for their prospective sports.  

single leg squat
single leg squat

When no longer stuck at home and can return to the weight room, the absolute best single leg movement is the Pendulum Seated Squat Pro.  This exercise device brings the one legged squat to a different strength level when Getting Strong and makes the one legged squat a simple exercise.

Pendulum Seated Squat Pro

Pendulum Seated Squat Pro



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