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Take A Stand

Standing leg curl machince

The hamstring is a biarticular muscle complex consisting of 4 muscles – the biceps femoris long head, which is closest to the outside of the body, the bicep femoris short head, which is closest to the midline and the semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles. The hamstring musculature is responsible for both hip extension and knee flexion.

To take advantage of this group of muscles complexity Pendulum developed a mobile machine with a centrally located strength curve and wide adjustment.  This allows an athlete or an athletic trainer to freely alter one’s body’s position to specifically target the desired area to be emphasized.

Example – rotating the lower leg inwardly, while performing a leg curl emphasizes the semitendinosus and semimembranosus, while lower leg lateral rotation with knee flexion targets the bicep femoris.

The Pendulum Standing Leg Curl is an exercise machine on wheels, easy to move and can be connected to any weight stack with a low pulley. Simply roll it up to the desired location, attach the cable and begin training.

Roll the leg curl to the desired location and Get Strong.

Pendulum Standing Leg Curl
Pendulum Standing Leg Curl
The Pendulum Standing Leg Curl


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Livonia Franklin High School
2024 CSCCa

A morning workout on the Pendulum Rack System at the College Strength and Conditioning Show in Fort Worth, Texas. The strength coaches are Staying Strong. The Pendulum Rack System