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Technique And Strong Hands 

People at an event

When you love weight lifting and become extremely strong it is always fun to display your strength to others or compete in strength events. One of history’s oldest ways to test one’s ability, display physical prowess or compete with someone physically was picking up heavy stones. The process continues today using what is deemed the ‘Atlas’ Stone.

People at an event

Mechanically demanding and a lift that requires as much technique training as almost any strength training exercise that is done, is the Atlas Stone. To lift this heavy spherical object, line up with feet toward the center of the stone and along its sides. Your legs need to be close enough, once lifted to lay the stone on your lap. Spread your fingers to increase the surface area when gripping and keep your arms straight as you pull towards your thighs. Atlas Stone lifters explain this is important to minimize the risk of injuring the bicep.

Hug and hold the stone close to your body, once past your knees roll it onto your lap. On your lap readjust your grip and begin a front squat to become erect. Hugging, squeezing and gripping the stone is hoisted in a lifting technique similar to the Romanian deadlift.

A man holding a weighted ball

Having mastered the technique, a seldom talked about key to lifting any object is tremendous hand strength.  Having extremely strong fingers that can squeeze and resist abduction is critical in lifting especially awkward objects. Adding lifting stones to your Grip Cart and performing open hand seated curls will allow you to lift more and get strong.

A man holding a weighted ball

Pendulum Grip Cart


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